Ion Exchange Membrane

OneAtom 12 has revolutionised the approach to improving both anion exchange membrane (AEM) and cation exchange membranes (CEM) efficiency in terms of diffusion dialysis and separation factor.

The trade-off between these factors has been one of the everlasting challenges in the diffusion dialysis process. Accordingly, OneAtom 12 has developed a novel strategy to fabricate both AEM and CEM’s nanosheets using a non-solvent induced phase inversion method. This extraordinary novel approach has enhanced both flux rates, maintaining high selectivity whilst enhancing the membranes stability.

OneAtom 12 membranes exhibit a finely-tuned morphology displaying a thin active layer (˂ 350 nm thickness) the thinnest active layer reported so far in the literature. Moreover, the membrane exhibited a simultaneous higher permeability coefficient and separation.  The fabrication procedure of these novel membranes will open the door fto practically tackling the existing industrial challenges in many recovery processes.